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The vision of Skyline International School is to develop students into individuals who can think for themselves, be secure in the decisions they make, and develop a sense of who they are in the world. Students at Skyline learn to communicate effectively, build curiosity and creativity, and develop the tools to open up pathways into their future. Our philosophy is that education should be rooted in practical learning, where students gain a sense of community and build skills to succeed personally and professionally. We are a community of educators who seek to bring out the best qualities of each individual, and to guide every student to rise to the highest level they can achieve.
The Skyline International Preparatory program is a leading innovator of youth education, revolutionizing a new era of learning through practical-based coursework not found within the traditional education system. Utilizing the philosophies of the International Baccalaureate Program, students embark on an education experience to prepare to become leaders in their chosen professional fields.

Skyline offers coursework to prepare students for well-rounded early career training through two facets: academic learning and real-setting practice. Students build confidence, maturity and a solid education foundation, all of which are vital to achieve academic and social success.

The foundation of success is access to specialized education and practical experience. Skyline Educates students beyond the education standard, Empowers students to identify strengths, challenges and passions, Enriches their academic experience, and encourages students to reach beyond their limits to Achieve.
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